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I'm a software developer living with my family in Vermont with a passion for building things.

Learning paper.js

While working on a user interface to visualize the topography of solar installations I got to work with the html canvas element and the paper.js library. As an exercise to become more familiar with the library I decided to give a presentation on it to the Burlington JS group.

The idea was to build a presentation app similar to prezi where slides are mapped out on a large canvas and the viewport moves around to transition from one to the next. There is already a nicely featured javascript library called impress.js so I decided to call my much more basic version underwhelm.

Once the basic app was built I created a simple presentation with it that covered what went into making the app, the features of the libraries used and some of the issues that I encountered. While a little gimicky, it was a fun oppertunity to share an interesting technology to a group of like minded folks.